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Welcome to Fundraising Made Easy, Your budget-friendly digital marketing team from India

With a proud legacy of 15 years in the Non-profit Support domain, we specialize in catering for the unique needs of non-profits, bringing together a team of seasoned consultants with over 20 years of individual experience in non-profit fundraising, marketing, communication, and website development.

Why Fundraising Made Easy?

At Fundraising Made Easy, we understand the financial challenges non-profits in the UK, the USA & Europe face, and we are here to bridge the gap.

Here's why partnering with us is a game-changer:

  • Tailored Solutions:
    Our team of experts will work closely with your non-profit to develop customized strategies for fundraising, marketing, communication, and website development.

  • Global Expertise:
    a) While based in South India, we are committed to serving non-profits globally. Leverage the diverse experience of our consultants to propel your organization to new heights.
    b) Our team members have held leadership positions in Communication, Fundraising, and Marketing in many reputable non-profits such as Greenpeace India, Oxfam India, Amnesty International, Ashoka Foundation, World Vision, Action Aid, CRY, Akshaya Patra, etc

  • Cost-Effective Services:
    Unleash the potential of your budget without compromising on quality. Enjoy premium services at just 25% of the monthly fees you would pay when engaging agencies in your home country.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Social Media Promotion and Marketing:
    Elevate your online presence with 3 to 4 posts every week and targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Google Advertisements:
    We create, run, and optimize Google Ads to enhance your brand image and improve your fundraising
  • Blog Writing:
    Fuel your storytelling with attractive blog content that engages your audience and communicates your mission effectively.
  • Website Optimization:
    Ensure your digital home reflects the essence of your cause. We specialize in optimizing websites for maximum impact and user engagement.
  • Email Marketing:
    Reach your supporters directly with impactful email campaigns designed to drive engagement and donations.

Monthly Packages Starting at £400 / €465 / $507. Please note: Advertisement costs would be extra and depend on your budget and the platform (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). To ensure transparency, you will pay the ad cost directly to the service providers (Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Contact us to know and choose a package that aligns with your non-profit's goals and budget. Our services are designed to amplify your impact without breaking the bank.

Connect with Fundraising Made Easy and let's embark on a journey to maximize your impact.


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  • Fundraising Made Easy works with an objective to promote Active Fundraising and functional Digital Culture in the Non-profit Sector across South India.
  • We teach you Modern Fundraising Tools and Techniques,
  • We impart essential skills in Fundraising to the NGO Directors, Managers and Coordinators,
  • Fundraising Made Easy is a unit of V-Solve Consultancy Services, Bangalore.

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